About Ruffner’s Luxury Pet Boarding & Doggie Daycare

Since 2005, Ruffner’s Luxury Pet Boarding has been St. Charles’ premier boarding and doggie daycare facility. Offering boarding services to dogs, cats, birds, and other exotic animals, we ensure that every pet is properly taken care of and receives lots of love and attention.

When You Want the Best for Your Pet!

If your cat is coming to stay with us for a night or two, we have comfortable cat condos equipped with everything they will need to be happy. We have standard and luxury suites for dogs that will make them feel at home, equipped with a comfortable doggie bed, blankets, and more. Dogs receive playtime and get to make new friends in the supervised play yard.

What is Doggie Daycare?

Doggie daycare is our daily play option at Ruffner’s. Depending on the weather, dogs will play with the group outside on our K9 grass or indoors in one of our large play rooms. Daycare is always supervised by staff, and dogs are separated based on both their sizes and temperaments. If you are not sure how your dog will react in our daycare setting, we can arrange a free aggression test to ensure they feel comfortable in our space.

Sit – Stay – Play

We also offer professional dog grooming services to help get your pup looking as cute as ever. Our prices vary on the size and breed of the dog. Our other amenities include a bakery in the store where we bake fresh birthday cakes and dog cookies. We have a large variety of flavors and are always happy to help celebrate your dog’s birthday!

Meet Our Staff

Jenn & Hannah – Owners

Jenn has worked at Ruffer’s since 2005 as their manager. In January 2016, Jenn took over as Owner. She lives in Sycamore with her husband, Dan, and 2 children, Hattie and Nolan. She also has 3 rescue dogs: Morgan, Nate, and Frank.


Jordan – Assistant Manager

Mayra – Kennel Supervisor

Brittani – Kennel/Daycare Attendant

Madelynn – Kennel/Daycare Attendant

Haley – Kennel/Daycare Attendant

Shaelynn – Kennel/Daycare Attendant

Ashley – Kennel/Daycare Attendant

Allison – Kennel/Daycare Attendant

Ariana – Kennel/Daycare Attendant

Nicole – Kennel/Daycare Attendant

Juliana – Kennel/Daycare Attendant