Dogs at Ruffner's Luxury Pet Boarding & Doggie Day Care

Doggie Daycare

Ruffner’s Luxury Pet Boarding is proud to provide outstanding doggie daycare services. When you’re at work, let your furry family member play with us and make new friends!
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Dog boarding at Ruffner's Luxury Pet Boarding & Doggie Day Care

Pet Boarding You Can Trust

We board all types of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, and exotic animals. While they stay with us, our staff will ensure they have everything they need. We can even bathe your pet before their return home.
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Cat at Ruffner's Luxury Pet Boarding & Doggie Day Care

Reach Out to Us

Please contact us if you have questions about our boarding services, doggie daycare packages, or baked goods! Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.
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Welcome to Ruffner’s Luxury Pet Boarding

*Entire Staff is trained in CPR and First Aid for Pets*

In St. Charles, Illinois, Ruffner’s Luxury Pet Boarding is a doggie daycare and overnight boarding facility for your beloved family pet. We can customize our accommodations to meet the needs of your family members, whether you have dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, or other little furry friends.

Before you call to make your boarding reservation, consider whether you want our 4×12 standard room or a 5×16 luxury suite. Our larger suites are more luxurious because they include a television, daily play in a supervised play yard, and a dog-friendly ice cream treat at night. However, every room comes with a bed, blanket, and rug. Daily play can always be added if your dog enjoys being around other dogs.

Doggie daycare is our daily play option at Ruffner’s Luxury Pet Boarding. Depending on the weather, dogs will play with the group outside on our K9 grass or indoors in one of our large play rooms. Daycare is always supervised by staff, and dogs are separated based on their sizes and temperaments. If you are unsure how your dog will react in our daycare setting, we can arrange an unrestrained aggression test to ensure they feel comfortable in our space.

Ruffner’s Luxury Pet Boarding also offers bathing for dogs before they go home from a stay with us or just stinky dogs that need to come for their regular bath. Baths include a nail trim, double rinse and shampoo, blow dry, and ear cleaning. We also offer quality grooming services! Please call ahead for a grooming reservation so we can ensure our certified groomer will be in that day. Price will depend on the size and behavior of your dog, and we can do teeth brushing for an extra cost.

Our other amenities include a bakery in the store where we bake fresh birthday cakes and dog cookies. We have many flavors and are always happy to help celebrate your dog’s birthday!

Whether you’re looking for a place for your pet to stay while you’re away or want to let them play, come to Ruffner’s Luxury Pet Boarding, where your pet is treated like family!

Our rates are increasing moving forward.
Be sure to explore our website for more details!