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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Checking In On Your Pet

Q: Do you offer a web cam option?
A: No, but feel free to call or e-mail and check in on your pets during our open hours.

Q: Can I call to check on my pet?
A: Yes. Feel free to call or email us to check on the status of your pet.

Questions About Services

Q: If my dog stays for boarding can I chose to do daycare half of their stay?
A: No, you must chose whether or not you want the daily play for their entire stay. If you sign your dog up for daily play and they do not like it or do not get along with others, they will be taken out permanently and you will not be charged daycare fees. We now offer half day daycare for those dogs that may get too tired or sore from playing all day.

Q: Do you offer grooming?
A: Yes. We do have a groomer on staff but for limited hours. So call today to make your appointment.

Q: If I do not do daycare will my pet have to stay in all day?
A: No. If you chose not to do daycare a staff member will take your dog out individually to the singles yard where they can get some fresh air, stretch their legs and go potty. They will go out at least three times a day for approximately 30 minutes, and will not interact with any other dog.

Q: Should I tip my bather?
A: You are more than welcome to tip your bather/groomer if you think it was a job well done. Staff members here do not receive a commission for the baths they give.

Questions About Rates

Q: Why am I charged for Sunday?
A: Sunday mornings our staff is here to care for your pets. We are only open to the public from 3pm-5pm as a convenience for people returning from trips. Because the staff needs to be paid for their time you are charged for Sunday. However, you have the option of picking up Monday before noon without being charged fees for Monday.

Q: Am I charged for the day I drop off?
A: Yes. You will automatically be charged for the day you drop off. However, if you pick up before noon on the day your dog departs you will not be charged for that day.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Cash, Check, Visa or MasterCard

Questions About Reservations

Q: If I have more than one dog can they stay in the same room?
A: Yes. Fees will be more depending on the suite you have and the number of dogs you have in a room. Please be sure to let us know of anything we should be aware of in terms of your two dogs interacting, like if we need to separate them when it comes time to feed.

Q: What if I have a reservation I need to cancel?
A: Please call us ahead of time in the case of any cancellations so we can make room for other clients. You will not be charged a cancellation fee, because we know that things do come up.

Q: How far ahead in advance should I book my reservation?
A: Although we usually do not reach capacity on a regular basis it is important to call ahead for any holiday, spring break, or extended weekend because we are very busy during this time. Additionally, we are quite busy in the summer, so it does not hurt to call ahead. There may be times we can get you in with one days notice, but that can never be guaranteed.

Q: How do I make my reservation?
A: The best way to make your reservation is to call between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. If you would like to come in to make your reservation and see the facility that can be arranged as well.

Questions About What to Bring

Q: What will our dog eat?
A: We like to keep them on their own diet, so please bring whatever food they eat at home, including any treats you'd like us to give them. We have a freezer, and microwave in our facility to accommodate any diet. We also offer a variety of Royal Canin pet foods and Merrick canned dog food if you would like to purchase food when you drop your pet off.

Q: Should I bring my own bed?
A: Yes you can. You can bring in beds or toys but unfortunately they can get mixed up in the laundry if your dog potties on them. We do provide a bed, blanket, or rug for every dog.

Q: If my pet is on medication do I need to pay extra for you to administer it?
A: No. We will give your pet whatever medications they need without charging you an extra fee.

Q: What shot records do I need?
A: We require all dogs to have a negative fecal sample, rabies vaccination, distemper vaccination, and bordetella vaccination AT LEAST ten days prior to boarding. The bordetella vaccine also must be administered every 6 months. Cats are required to have a rabies vaccination and distemper vaccination.

Q: Can't you just call my vet and ask them to fax over records for you?
A: No. because of privacy laws we are not able to request your pets records. You can either call your vet and have them faxed over to us, or bring them in the day you drop off your pet for boarding.

Q: Can I fill out paperwork in advance?
A: Yes, on your first visit you will receive a folder with information about our facility, and general boarding pamphlets. Additionally, there will be paperwork you need to return to us. You can pick up the folder and paperwork anytime before your stay, or choose to fill it out at the store when you drop off.

General Questions

Q: Is your staff certified?
A: Yes, majority of our staff is certified in Level One Pet Technician, and there is always someone on site that has been trained to handle any situation that may arise.

Q: May I take a tour of your facility before I chose to board there?
A: Of course. The best time to tour the facility is between 9am and 4pm Monday – Friday, but if you need to make other arrangements feel free to call ahead and something can be worked out for you.

Q: What types of animals do you board?
A: In the past we have boarded birds, bunnies, lizards, guinea pigs, rats, turtles and snakes. If you have a pet you are not sure we will board, go ahead and give us a call.

Q: What happens with daycare if the weather is bad?
A: If the weather is too hot, wet, or cold we bring the dogs inside to play in our large inside playrooms.

For any additional questions not addressed in the FAQs, please contact us!