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Professional Grooming

At Ruffner's Luxury Pet Boarding, our team of groomers have many years of experience which allows them to properly care for your pet during their appointment. Whether your pet needs a puppy cut or their nails trimmed, we can help. Your pet will be in the best hands while in our care.

Ruffner's offers grooming for dogs, starting at $25 depending on breed and size.

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Christine Johnson believes that dog training starts with the pet owner and is taught to the dog through fair and consistent reward based training. She is considered a balanced trainer varying her techniques based upon the response of the dog.

She has realized through the years of working with pet owners that they may not need the same precision/corrective training methods used in most sporting clubs and offers a relaxed yet effective method of training through Ruffner's Doggie Day Care.

For more information about training classes, please contact Christine or visit her website:

Christine Johnson